Bespoke Framing

You will receive individual attention from the picture framer himself and all our work is completed on the premises. We have a wide range of mouldings and mounts to choose from and can cater to your individual needs.


Sports Shirts & Clothing

We take pride in our methods of framing sport shirts and other items of clothing.  We have framed items such as jersey's, t-shirts, and even a military flight suit!


Cross - Stiches & Tapestries

When framing a cross-stitch or tapestry we use the least invasive methods possible, we will never just glue your artwork down.  We hand stitch every piece of material allowing you to make alterations in the future if necessary.




Dry Mounting

Dry mounting is a technique used to flatten and preserve artwork that may have been creased. It works by using a heat activated film between the artwork and attaches it to a thin board to create a smooth surface.



We have framed a number of medals from OBE's, military and sporting memorabilia.  We will work with you to design a layout for your medals that you are happy with.

Other Projects

We're only limited by your imagination!  Feel free to bring in any item that you have and we'll be happy to cater to your needs.